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Project Volutus: The Dawn of a New Cloud

At Project Volutus, we believe the cloud will become much more decentralized. We envision thousands of small, regional and micro-regional data centers on the edge of the wireless network, integrated into the urban environment—literally, at the base of cell towers. These micro data centers will extend the cloud and create a distributed fabric of compute with the capability of pushing workloads all the way out to within yards of the end consumer, whether that’s a sensor on an autonomous vehicle or an augmented reality application on an iPhone. It will power everything from smart cities to industrial automation.

Project Volutus seeks to accelerate this transformation by building the world’s most extensive network of distributed data centers—spanning thousands of edge locations, each of them being one hop from the wireless network, with direct fiber pathways back to the internet. Moreover, we are building the software to automate these data centers, powering “lights out” network operations with artificial intelligence, browser-based tools, real time telemetry and remote APIs.

Our customers are the large cloud providers, wireless carriers, web scale companies, and other innovative enterprises that are looking to deliver edge services. We make it possible for our customers to co-locate their IT infrastructure at edge of the wireless network, in a carrier- and vendor-neutral environment, using our physical facilities combined with our highly-automated, data center as a platform service.

About Vapor IO

Project Volutus is a service delivered by Vapor IO in collaboration with its partners. Founded in 2015, Vapor IO has been developing the hardware and software to enable next generation edge clouds, including the patented Vapor Chamber as well as the open source OpenDCRE data center runtime environment.

First Deployments

Powered by Vapor Edge and Vapor Edge for Telecom, project Volutus will begin delivering co-location and data center as a platform services in the second half of 2017. Companies interested in participating in first deployments, should fill our Request Early Access Form

Our Investors

Vapor IO and Project Volutus are funded by some of the most prestigious companies in the world, including Goldman Sachs and Crown Castle.

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